Creditor Representation

Representing Creditors and Financial Institutions in Legal Disputes

Representing Creditors and Financial Institutions in Legal Disputes

Allbery Cross Fogarty, Attorneys at Law provides aggressive and efficient representation for creditors in Dayton, Ohio. Creditors are often labeled as "the bad guys," a characterization that is both unfortunate and unfair. Often times, creditors are working on behalf of small businesses trying to collect on outstanding fees that can be vital to their success. Large financial institutions, like banks, also need creditor representation to enure they're following the letter of the law when it comes to matters involving outstanding debts.

Allbery Cross Fogarty has the experience and understanding that comes from a familiarity with the pain points of individuals and companies that have undergone foreclosures or bankruptcies. That insight often lends itself to handling creditor representation in a more time-sensitive and cost effective manner. Call today to see how Allbery Cross Fogarty can help manage your creditor representation concerns.

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